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We came together as a community to remove this Board Member and it was a success. In his resignation letter he made some accusations toward the past board members and even a current board member that are completely false. He was never given any permission to move his fence or to have any land. The HOA attorney was very clear at that time that nothing could be done with that land. The facts still remain that he took land from the members and helped his neighbor take land. He also did not report his neighbor taking the land to the board of directors or the members. All the while, he was supposed to be watching over all of our money and assets.

In his resignation letter, he claims that I am bitter or upset. I am not upset about serving on the board, or not serving on the board, as now I serve on the Architectural Committee to help all of the homeowners with any updates to their home or property. Most of you are aware that I have offered many times for anyone to come and replace me as I have served for long enough. At each annual meeting we usually have no one interested in serving on the board. I can hold my head high knowing that I did my duty of watching out for all of the members money and assets. The only discord I have had this Summer is with him taking land from the members and helping his neighbor do the same. I am not happy with the way the management company has handled things, as their first knee jerk reaction was to hire an attorney to protect the board member. We all had to fight extra hard to force this change to happen.

In his resignation letter he also called for Albert to resign, as he is unhappy that Albert did not stand with him as a fellow board member. Albert has served our community in a very noble and excellent way since the beginning. During this whole process, having an experienced board member on the board was very important. The new board members were caught in a situation that they had no training or experience to handle. Albert educated them on the history of our neighborhood and why we do things the way we do. Now, the board will choose a replacement to fill the seat for the remainder of the term. Any resignation is filled by the board choosing a replacement. That term is up at the next annual meeting for that seat. That annual meeting should be somewhere around May of next year.

The resigning board member helped to create another mess during all of this. Several homeowners have been attacked by the management company claiming they moved their fences and took HOA land. When the current board did not immediately remove him from his President role, it enabled him to create a huge mess. I volunteered and was asked by the board to help look at those properties and fence lines and measure them to see if any of those claims were correct. A board member and I went out in about 108 degree temperatures and measured these properties. All of those claims were proven false. Update: After being proven as false, The Management Company has issued an apology letter to these homeowners and has retracted the accusations.

Now that we have reclaimed the land that was taken; This 81X area is an easement that is owned by the HOA. It was once open so that all of the homeowners could walk or drive golf carts over to the golf course to play golf or take a walk. It also was so that our community could connect with all of the restaurants and places over there. These two homeowners were the reason that the gate was put in and locked. They complained about people coming through there at all hours. A temporary lock was placed on that gate back then. I am hoping that all of you want that gate to get opened back up so we can walk or drive our golf carts over to the golf course, Marriott Hotel Restaurants, Big Shots, etc. It is a great asset for all of the members to be able to connect with that area and enjoy all of those places. The golf course would much rather we drive through there than down to the bridge and back up several holes and fairways of golf course to get to the clubhouse and restaurant areas. I believe this connection can only help our property values to make us more of a golf course community.

Please, lets all support the current board and show up to the meetings and be involved so we are all aware of the things going on in our own community.

Thank You All

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Why The need for this?

Beechwod Creeks HOA:

Current Board Member caught taking land from the members?

I have served a number of years on committees and as a member of the Board of Directors for Beechwood Creeks HOA. I am not currently a member of the Beechwood Creeks Board of Directors, and I am not seeking to be on the Board of Directors. I serve on the Architectural Committee for the HOA. This was a choice that I made, to serve in an area that needed some help.

I have been made aware of a terrible situation and have attempted to push to get it corrected. A homeowner asked to annex some land from the HOA a few years back. They were told no. Now, they have taken the land and moved fences to incorporate this land into their fenced in back yards. This was recently discovered. This potentially raises the value of their property by thousands.

One of the takers of the land is a former board member and one is a current board member of the HOA. Being a former Board Member, it troubles me greatly that a Board Member has done these things.

On 7/14/2023 I submitted a demand letter to the Beechwood Creeks HOA Board of Directors and the Management Company. I am attaching this letter in a redacted form. The issue spelled out in the letter is clearly visable from a public street if you choose to see it for yourself.

The Board of Directors is suppose to serve the members with a fiduciary duty to protect the members money and assets. They are not supposed to take assets from the members.

This Board Member has refused to resign. The other Board Members and about 50 angry homeowners asked him to resign last night, 8/11/2023 at the meeting. He still will not resign.

Our Bylaws give instructions on how to remove Board Members. The President of the Board may call for the Special Meeting. Or 3 of the other Board Members together may call for the Special Meeting. Or 25% of the Homeowners can organize and call the Special Meeting. I believe Texas Star Management Company did a poor job explaining or training the current Board on this process and the powers that they had. Once, we properly educated the Board with our Bylaws in hand, they all agreed to call the Special Meeting at the same time that I handed them all our 150 names of members that also call for the Special Meeting.

Here is our call to action:

Continue to sign up on this home page so we have a way to stay in communication with you to help the Special Meeting go smoothly and vote off this Board Member.

Current Photo below has red property lines. Prior 2019 Photo has yellow property lines. You can see for yourself that land was taken from the members.