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Seeking Resolution: How to File a Complaint Against a Property Management Company with TREC

TREC Complaints

When homeowners encounter issues with a property management company that require intervention, filing a complaint with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) can be a strategic step. This article outlines the process of filing a complaint, the information required, and the potential outcomes of seeking resolution through TREC.

Why File a Complaint with TREC?

The Texas Real Estate Commission oversees real estate professionals, including property management companies. If a homeowner believes that a property management company has violated state laws, regulations, or ethical standards, filing a complaint with TREC can prompt an investigation into the matter.

The Complaint Process

  1. Gather Documentation: Collect all relevant documents, records, correspondence, contracts, and evidence that support your complaint.
  2. Visit the TREC Website: Navigate to the official TREC website ( to access the online complaint form.
  3. Provide Details: Complete the complaint form, providing comprehensive details about the issue, your interactions with the property management company, and the specific violations you believe have occurred.
  4. Attach Documentation: Upload scanned copies of the supporting documents and evidence that substantiate your claims.
  5. Submit the Complaint: Review the information you’ve provided, ensuring accuracy and completeness, and submit the complaint form.

Possible Outcomes

Upon receiving your complaint, TREC will review the information provided and determine the appropriate course of action:

  1. Investigation: TREC may launch an investigation into the property management company’s actions based on the information you’ve provided.
  2. Mediation: In some cases, TREC may attempt to mediate a resolution between you and the property management company.
  3. Disciplinary Action: If TREC finds evidence of violations, disciplinary action may be taken against the property management company, ranging from fines to license suspension or revocation.
  4. Resolution: Depending on the outcome of the investigation, TREC may recommend or facilitate a resolution that addresses your concerns.

Tips for a Successful Complaint

  1. Be Specific: Clearly outline the details of the issue, including dates, events, and individuals involved.
  2. Provide Evidence: Attach supporting documents that substantiate your claims, such as contracts, emails, and photographs.
  3. Stay Objective: Stick to the facts and avoid emotional language when describing the situation.
  4. Be Patient: The complaint process can take time, so remain patient as TREC conducts its investigation.

Seeking Legal Advice

While filing a complaint with TREC can be a valuable step, you might also consider seeking legal counsel:

  1. Consult an Attorney: If you’re uncertain about the legal aspects of your complaint or potential outcomes, consulting an attorney can provide you with informed guidance.
  2. Legal Representation: In some cases, involving an attorney can bolster your case and increase the likelihood of a favorable resolution.


Filing a complaint against a property management company with TREC can be an effective way to address issues and seek resolution. By understanding the process, gathering comprehensive documentation, and remaining objective, homeowners can navigate the complaint process successfully and work towards a satisfactory outcome.

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